Birthday arrangements

In justice bar and restaurant we love celebrating your special days with you. We'll help you have a birthday to forever remember, with beautiful tables set aside just for you and your guests. Enjoy your birthday with unique drinks, good food and you can even order a special cake or more, just for you.

Want something special for your birthday? Contact us with your wishes to make the best birthday.

For reservations for birthdays please come around our restaurant so we can work out all the details, we'll also ask for partly paid as well to make sure we can organize everything for you.

Birthday dinners

Would you like to have your birthday dinner with us? Have any special ideas in mind? We can organize a buffet or if you want you can also see our menu to see more to eat, with plenty of choices and carefully prepared dishes there would be something for everybody

Birthday cakes and celebrations

Would you like a special cake for your birthday? How about some music from your choosing, tell us and we'll organize it for you.

We will prepare a special and unique birthday cake for you complete with nice decorations and candles to make you feel special.