Wedding arrangements

In our bar and restaurant we also love to organize your very special day, a day never to forget, your marriage is very special to us as it is to you and your families. We will make sure that your marriage is as perfect as you imagined it to be.

We have different themes for you to choose from, what style of wedding would you prefer the best? Contact us and we can help manage it, you can also always contact us for more information.

For reservations for Weddings please come around our restaurant so we can work out all the details, we'll also ask for partly paid as well to make sure we can organize everything for you.

Wedding dinner and buffet

Would you like to treat your guests to eat á la carte? We have a big menu where they can choose our delicious dishes, or would you like a big buffet where they can choose from everything and go for more? And why not both? We can prepare everything for you, we'll prepare a big dinner and for the people who want to eat from the menu, check it out now so you can see what we all have

Cakes and celebrations

Have a special idea for your wedding cake, tell us and we can organize it, we'll make sure your cake is as special as your day, because it is your special day.

Want special music for your day, inform as and we can make it happen, even get live music with singers from here.